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The “tough” act is hard to maintain for long periods of time. Staying strong, unwavering, remaining unfeeling is difficult. We feel, we love, we hurt, we rebound. We are fragile. And no matter how tough we try to be, no matter the show we put on for the outside world, the “front,” we are still fragile and break – from time to time.

Sometimes its tough to crack through the “front, ” the shell, the walls. Other times its like sand that crumbles at the slightest touch, the smallest hurt, or the softest voice.

Every day it seems I find the “fragile” parts of life. Just how fragile we all are…..

Recently, a young woman, 26 years old, passed away after a church service in her home. A service that was held to pray for her recovery. Just 2 hours after the service she passed away. God had other plans.

My friend Maria, her son and daughter in law lost their baby before she was born. She was already 7 months  along and planning for a “normal” birth. God had other plans.

Esteban, one of the ¨young at heart¨ men at the food kitchen, passed away while I was gone for the holidays. I didn’t get to say goodbye.


All I had were the last hugs before I left and  his words echoing in my head, Hurry back. Hurry back. I didn’t hurry fast enough. God had other plans.

But I can see God  in every fragile moment. I see Him in the sad times holding, cradling His children, loving them. We doubt His presence and yet we shouldn’t. He is always there. His hand covering us.

Some moments are simply just more fragile than others in His Mighty Grip,