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She was an original. Flora. Born in Llama, she lived there for 78 years raising 4 children along with her husband. Their home…humble. Their life…humble. Her attitude…humble.

For the entire time that I have known her over the past year she has been fighting a tumor that kept growing and taking over her kidneys and finally her body. Her children decided not to tell her about her condition. I am not sure why and honestly I don’t know that I agree with it. Yet … I wasn’t in their shoes so I really shouldn’t weigh in on the subject. 

She fought hard. The pain racked her tiny body and daily she lost weight and hope. It was hard to watch the light go out in her eyes. When she passed away I was in Chiclayo getting ready to head to Lima for a women’s weekend retreat – Tres Dias. Maria called to say that Flora had taken her last breath. Sad and yet at the same time my prayer was that she had really accepted Jesus into her heart and that would bring a smile to my face.

That afternoon I took a bus back to Llama to pay my respects to the family and to Flora. There were so many people that came and went, in and out of the house. Meals were prepared, condolesences said and tributes made. It actually was a very sweet gathering and I am so thankful that I felt led to go back if only for overnight.

As I came back down the mountain the next day heading back to Chiclayo I was looking through some pictures on my computer and came across a very short video that was recorded when she gave me a poem for my birthday last year. I thought I would share it. This is the Flora I will remember, not the one I said goodbye to recently.

Click here to watch    Floras video

The words she is saying……”Between the sun and the stars while looking for the moon, you will find precious pearls but like you there are none!”

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Florencia Saavedra Rojas – she is my friend. She is an Original. 

In His Mighty Grip through both the good and the bad,