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Most of you already have heard that we broke through our daily goal of serving 100 meals at the food kitchen. Many have celebrated that small “victory” with us. 

April 11th was the day that my heart would soar. Maria and I started cooking at 8 am. Talking, laughing, washing fruit and vegetables, cutting up all kinds of things for soup, chicken and rice stew and salad. We measured out 100 cups of a sweet jello like dessert – mazamorra in preparation for meeting the goal. Several times in the past 2 weeks we had come close. 90, 96, 94, 96 meals served. Yet we kept coming up short. 

As the people started coming and meals were being served up I watched the 100 cups of mazamorra dwindle. Half way through I knew that I knew that I knew we would hit the goal. It filled me with extreme anticipation and excitement. 


When the last dessert was handed out I stopped. Immediately stopped and thanked God. This week I am heading out to the Amazon and won’t be at the food kitchen. I didn’t want to go on the trip because I wanted to be “there” when the goal was broken. It’s not about me – I get that. Yet still………I wanted to get to be a part of and see the goal fall. And I was granted that opportunity! Still flying in the clouds a day later.

We started out serving 60 meals a day and then 6 months later – BOOM – goal broken and a litte more than 100 were served. 102 to be exact. Onward to the next goal…to have served 10,000 free lunches to the seniors in Llama by the end of this year.

Serving it up In His Mighty Grip,


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