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This is how it starts…..

…The Eyes…

…The Look…

IMG_0968The children capture your heart. They draw you in and you cannot stop yourself from wanting to help in any way possible. They watch you, and follow you. How can you turn your back on them?

It’s not easy to watch a child dig in the trash for food or pick up stuff off of the streets to eat.  It is not easy to listen to the sound of their stomachs hungry for something to eat. It is not easy looking at their tattered clothes knowing it doesn’t begin to protect them from the elements or insects. It is definitely not easy visiting them and actually seeing and “smelling” the condition of their homes.

Heading down the Amazon River this week, Easter week and I know it will be a tough revisiting the “Amazon” lifestyle. At the same time I have no doubt it will be amazing getting to meet the kids in 8 villages or so and enjoy their passion for simple things. 

It is not easy and definitely not comfortable but it is what is necessary to make a difference. So, I challenge you the next time you see something that isn’t “easy,” stop and do what is needed. Stop and help that person that is right in front of you.

It’s not easy in His Mighty Grip but it is what is needed,


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