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A little over two years ago I moved to Peru. Wow. Has it been that long already?

Looking back it’s been a great ride. Actually walking through it…well it was tougher than I thought it would be. Looking forward – that is the excellent part. I have come to believe and trust that if you “Always give everything you’ve got” you have nothing to lose. So what if it doesn’t turnout the way you thought? So what if it doesnt’ always go so smoothly. That is how you change and grow. And that is how you become the beneficiary of new experiences and adventures. Things that you ever would have thought possible.

The past 2 years have been full of those types of experiences. Nope – wouldn’t trade any one of them. Even the ones that really were tough. They each played a part in this ministry called Trinity’s Angels. It is from those experiences that Trinity’s Angels has become what it is. A ministry that reaches, touches and impacts the lives of many, many people. It is all because of the passion of a vision. Make sense?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Somehow they just never seem to last longer than a few minutes and definitely don’t make it past the first day. But this year – and it’s April already – here is a “resolution” that I will continue to live out – “Always give it everything you’ve got.” Anything less, you are cheating the people you serve and yourself.

So, when I write to you December 31, 2014 (and you know the year is going to fly by) I look forward to telling you humbly of course…this year I always gave it everything I had.

Giving it all in His Mighty Grip,


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