Easter – always a glorious day worshiping and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Always a day of remembrance of the incredible gift we received – Salvation. Always a day to remember the ultimate price HE paid for us. Always a day I shed a tear or two or more because of it.

Today I was in Pimentel walking along the beach for a few hours. I listened to a sermon podcast and these words rang out…

“When you bow a knee to Christ being obedient and walking in the path HE has laid out for your life that’s following your purpose. That’s where there is the strength and a connection in your life with Christ. “

6a00d8341cd7d953ef019aff932140970dLater as I watched a movie chronicling the life of Christ, I couldn’t help but be moved to tears at the depiction of HIS last day. The pain, humiliation, suffering and torture HE endured at the hands of others. HIS followers watching in horror. No one could stop it. What a price was paid for you and for me. I am reminded of a song that reaches out to me at times and stops me cold, reminding me of his sacrifice and the way I should honor that. Written by Chris Tomlin – it goes something like this …

I’m forgiven
because you were forsaken
and I’m accepted
you were condemned
I’m alive and well
your spirit is within me
because you died and rose again

Amazing love how can can it be
that you my king would die for me
amazing love I know its true
that it’s my joy to honor you
in all I do
I honor you


Today reminds me of the sacrifice HE made and the fact that HE can never be paid back. Nor does HE ask that debt to be repaid. We are HIS passion. HE does ask us to love and help one another and be obedient. Simple – nothing like HE went through when HE took the nails for you and for me.


Christ the Lord is Risen today – Hallelujah