Those are the 3 key words of Trinity’s Angels Ministries. Today I was reading some blogs from the past and figuring out how to transfer them from Typepad to this WordPress site. It took awhile because I kept reading them. What a journey. One of the very first ones I ever wrote April 7, 2007 – oh my gosh that was 10 years ago – was from a trip to Belize. I had forgotten how God had grabbed my heart and whispered into it. It is the same now as it was then.  Take a read……

Hope * Dream * Believe


“Who knew that in November of 2005 after a trip to Belize, Central America that my heart would be moved and changed by the children in this picture and their families. The small town of Santana Village, where they live, is a 45 minute car ride outside the port of Belize City. The last 20 minutes of that ride is over a rough rut filled, kidney jarring narrow dirt road.

The first thing you notice upon arrival through the dense jungle is the poverty of the area. The homes are in disrepair, often appearing as though they might fall apart with the next big wind. There is no running water, electricity or gas; meaning no air conditioning, showers, stove or oven for cooking. No washing machine or dryer. The basics are non existent. Yet in this simplistic lifestyle they are eager to share; friendship, a meal, a smile, conversation.

It was during this first visit of many that I was humbled to the center of my spirit. Through their graciousness, hospitality and wide open acceptance of me into their lives and community, these wonderful people gave me everything they  had to give, willingly. They displayed generosity in the face of extreme poverty. They portrayed compassion in the face of hardship and limitation. They gave when they had nothing to give but themselves.

Months have passed since my last visit. Life, purpose and the future have been questioned. All the while something was developing, stirring and working on me. Something that would have a HUGE impact on my life, creating a fire that cannot be extinguished. A passion that drives me and those that get caught up in this developing whirlwind called Trinity’s Angels.

Trinity’s Angels has taken hold of my life and it is building. Trinity’s Angels presents the chance to bring hope, dreams and belief to children who are limited in terms of resources. It is about people with resources giving to those without. It is about taking one forward step at a time to bring overflowing joy to the children of the world who lack the necessities of life; general aid, medical attention, housing, and adequate nutrition. It is about making a difference in the lives of others. It is about making a commitment.

I don’t know exactly where Trinity’s Angels will lead but I do know it will have an impact not only on those who receive but equally, if not more, on those who give. Pay It Forward.”

Oh I have come a far way since I wrote this first blog April 2007.  Who would have ever guessed!!!

Remembering sweet beginnings – In His Mighty Grip,