About Us

Trinity’s Angels was formed in 2007 in response to God’s calling to serve others. The necessity to utilize our talents, abilities, experiences and education in the service of others.

We are a group of like-minded individuals inspired to “do more.” Whether it’s through a mission group coming to serve in Peru or people supporting the ministry not only with financial donations but also with prayer, the focus is on the benefit of others. It’s not about a “hand-out” it’s about giving someone a “hand-up,” offering a  way to improve their situation.

Embracing the unfamiliar and uncomfortable is the basis of the lifestyle here, whatever it takes as we break down barriers and assist Peruvians with access to basic resources.

Our philosophy  is to treat people as if they were what they ought to be and help them become what they are capable of becoming. We focus on their future, not dwelling on their past. And the goal is to ALWAYS leave people better than when we found them.

Stephanie McLaughlin

Founder and Director of Trinity’s Angels Ministries

IMG_2913Stephanie has traveled extensively with the main focus now being in the country of Perú.  Since January 2012 she has been “boots on the ground,” living in Perú administering the programs and ministry projects. She sold her possessions and left everything “known” for a life of “unknown.”

“Answering the God’s call on my life and moving to Perú has been quite an experience. From learning the culture, the language and getting used to different foods and lifestyles it is an opportunity that I wish I had embraced earlier! I have witnessed extreme poverty and need. I cannot look the other way and do nothing. I don’t look at life the same way as I did previously. You can’t really see and live in the Amazon without being touched and motivated to help in some way. It changes you – for the better. Really, I am just a regular girl who caught a glimpse of how to help and I am going after it with all of my heart.”