Hope * Dream * Believe

Those are the 3 key words of Trinity’s Angels Ministries. Today I was reading some blogs from the past and figuring out how to transfer them from Typepad to this WordPress site. It took awhile because I kept reading them. What a journey. One of the very first ones I ever wrote April 7, 2007 – oh my gosh that was 10 years ago – was from a trip to Belize. I had forgotten how God had grabbed my heart and whispered into it. It is the same now as it was then.  Take a read……

Hope * Dream * Believe


“Who knew that in November of 2005 after a trip to Belize, Central America that my heart would be moved and changed by the children in this picture and their families. The small town of Santana Village, where they live, is a 45 minute car ride outside the port of Belize City. The last 20 minutes of that ride is over a rough rut filled, kidney jarring narrow dirt road.

The first thing you notice upon arrival through the dense jungle is the poverty of the area. The homes are in disrepair, often appearing as though they might fall apart with the next big wind. There is no running water, electricity or gas; meaning no air conditioning, showers, stove or oven for cooking. No washing machine or dryer. The basics are non existent. Yet in this simplistic lifestyle they are eager to share; friendship, a meal, a smile, conversation.

It was during this first visit of many that I was humbled to the center of my spirit. Through their graciousness, hospitality and wide open acceptance of me into their lives and community, these wonderful people gave me everything they  had to give, willingly. They displayed generosity in the face of extreme poverty. They portrayed compassion in the face of hardship and limitation. They gave when they had nothing to give but themselves.

Months have passed since my last visit. Life, purpose and the future have been questioned. All the while something was developing, stirring and working on me. Something that would have a HUGE impact on my life, creating a fire that cannot be extinguished. A passion that drives me and those that get caught up in this developing whirlwind called Trinity’s Angels.

Trinity’s Angels has taken hold of my life and it is building. Trinity’s Angels presents the chance to bring hope, dreams and belief to children who are limited in terms of resources. It is about people with resources giving to those without. It is about taking one forward step at a time to bring overflowing joy to the children of the world who lack the necessities of life; general aid, medical attention, housing, and adequate nutrition. It is about making a difference in the lives of others. It is about making a commitment.

I don’t know exactly where Trinity’s Angels will lead but I do know it will have an impact not only on those who receive but equally, if not more, on those who give. Pay It Forward.”

Oh I have come a far way since I wrote this first blog April 2007.  Who would have ever guessed!!!

Remembering sweet beginnings – In His Mighty Grip,


It’s A Glorious Easter

Easter – always a glorious day worshiping and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Always a day of remembrance of the incredible gift we received – Salvation. Always a day to remember the ultimate price HE paid for us. Always a day I shed a tear or two or more because of it.

Today I was in Pimentel walking along the beach for a few hours. I listened to a sermon podcast and these words rang out…

“When you bow a knee to Christ being obedient and walking in the path HE has laid out for your life that’s following your purpose. That’s where there is the strength and a connection in your life with Christ. “

6a00d8341cd7d953ef019aff932140970dLater as I watched a movie chronicling the life of Christ, I couldn’t help but be moved to tears at the depiction of HIS last day. The pain, humiliation, suffering and torture HE endured at the hands of others. HIS followers watching in horror. No one could stop it. What a price was paid for you and for me. I am reminded of a song that reaches out to me at times and stops me cold, reminding me of his sacrifice and the way I should honor that. Written by Chris Tomlin – it goes something like this …

I’m forgiven
because you were forsaken
and I’m accepted
you were condemned
I’m alive and well
your spirit is within me
because you died and rose again

Amazing love how can can it be
that you my king would die for me
amazing love I know its true
that it’s my joy to honor you
in all I do
I honor you


Today reminds me of the sacrifice HE made and the fact that HE can never be paid back. Nor does HE ask that debt to be repaid. We are HIS passion. HE does ask us to love and help one another and be obedient. Simple – nothing like HE went through when HE took the nails for you and for me.


Christ the Lord is Risen today – Hallelujah


Always give everything – say what???


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A little over two years ago I moved to Peru. Wow. Has it been that long already?

Looking back it’s been a great ride. Actually walking through it…well it was tougher than I thought it would be. Looking forward – that is the excellent part. I have come to believe and trust that if you “Always give everything you’ve got” you have nothing to lose. So what if it doesn’t turnout the way you thought? So what if it doesnt’ always go so smoothly. That is how you change and grow. And that is how you become the beneficiary of new experiences and adventures. Things that you ever would have thought possible.

The past 2 years have been full of those types of experiences. Nope – wouldn’t trade any one of them. Even the ones that really were tough. They each played a part in this ministry called Trinity’s Angels. It is from those experiences that Trinity’s Angels has become what it is. A ministry that reaches, touches and impacts the lives of many, many people. It is all because of the passion of a vision. Make sense?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Somehow they just never seem to last longer than a few minutes and definitely don’t make it past the first day. But this year – and it’s April already – here is a “resolution” that I will continue to live out – “Always give it everything you’ve got.” Anything less, you are cheating the people you serve and yourself.

So, when I write to you December 31, 2014 (and you know the year is going to fly by) I look forward to telling you humbly of course…this year I always gave it everything I had.

Giving it all in His Mighty Grip,


Trinity’s Angels website



Don’t do what is easy, do what’s needed


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This is how it starts…..

…The Eyes…

…The Look…

IMG_0968The children capture your heart. They draw you in and you cannot stop yourself from wanting to help in any way possible. They watch you, and follow you. How can you turn your back on them?

It’s not easy to watch a child dig in the trash for food or pick up stuff off of the streets to eat.  It is not easy to listen to the sound of their stomachs hungry for something to eat. It is not easy looking at their tattered clothes knowing it doesn’t begin to protect them from the elements or insects. It is definitely not easy visiting them and actually seeing and “smelling” the condition of their homes.

Heading down the Amazon River this week, Easter week and I know it will be a tough revisiting the “Amazon” lifestyle. At the same time I have no doubt it will be amazing getting to meet the kids in 8 villages or so and enjoy their passion for simple things. 

It is not easy and definitely not comfortable but it is what is necessary to make a difference. So, I challenge you the next time you see something that isn’t “easy,” stop and do what is needed. Stop and help that person that is right in front of you.

It’s not easy in His Mighty Grip but it is what is needed,


Trinity’s Angels website


Serving it Up


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Most of you already have heard that we broke through our daily goal of serving 100 meals at the food kitchen. Many have celebrated that small “victory” with us. 

April 11th was the day that my heart would soar. Maria and I started cooking at 8 am. Talking, laughing, washing fruit and vegetables, cutting up all kinds of things for soup, chicken and rice stew and salad. We measured out 100 cups of a sweet jello like dessert – mazamorra in preparation for meeting the goal. Several times in the past 2 weeks we had come close. 90, 96, 94, 96 meals served. Yet we kept coming up short. 

As the people started coming and meals were being served up I watched the 100 cups of mazamorra dwindle. Half way through I knew that I knew that I knew we would hit the goal. It filled me with extreme anticipation and excitement. 


When the last dessert was handed out I stopped. Immediately stopped and thanked God. This week I am heading out to the Amazon and won’t be at the food kitchen. I didn’t want to go on the trip because I wanted to be “there” when the goal was broken. It’s not about me – I get that. Yet still………I wanted to get to be a part of and see the goal fall. And I was granted that opportunity! Still flying in the clouds a day later.

We started out serving 60 meals a day and then 6 months later – BOOM – goal broken and a litte more than 100 were served. 102 to be exact. Onward to the next goal…to have served 10,000 free lunches to the seniors in Llama by the end of this year.

Serving it up In His Mighty Grip,


Trinity’s Angels website


An Original


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She was an original. Flora. Born in Llama, she lived there for 78 years raising 4 children along with her husband. Their home…humble. Their life…humble. Her attitude…humble.

For the entire time that I have known her over the past year she has been fighting a tumor that kept growing and taking over her kidneys and finally her body. Her children decided not to tell her about her condition. I am not sure why and honestly I don’t know that I agree with it. Yet … I wasn’t in their shoes so I really shouldn’t weigh in on the subject. 

She fought hard. The pain racked her tiny body and daily she lost weight and hope. It was hard to watch the light go out in her eyes. When she passed away I was in Chiclayo getting ready to head to Lima for a women’s weekend retreat – Tres Dias. Maria called to say that Flora had taken her last breath. Sad and yet at the same time my prayer was that she had really accepted Jesus into her heart and that would bring a smile to my face.

That afternoon I took a bus back to Llama to pay my respects to the family and to Flora. There were so many people that came and went, in and out of the house. Meals were prepared, condolesences said and tributes made. It actually was a very sweet gathering and I am so thankful that I felt led to go back if only for overnight.

As I came back down the mountain the next day heading back to Chiclayo I was looking through some pictures on my computer and came across a very short video that was recorded when she gave me a poem for my birthday last year. I thought I would share it. This is the Flora I will remember, not the one I said goodbye to recently.

Click here to watch    Floras video

The words she is saying……”Between the sun and the stars while looking for the moon, you will find precious pearls but like you there are none!”

IMG_8018 (800x600)

Florencia Saavedra Rojas – she is my friend. She is an Original. 

In His Mighty Grip through both the good and the bad,




Flora and a private moment


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A couple of nights ago I went to visit Flor. At 75 years of age, more or less, she is suffering. Pain is her constant companion. She has cancer. Advanced cancer. Her children have not told her that is what she is suffering from. Honestly, I am not sure what she thinks is wrong with her. Or maybe she knows.

When I first arrived she was in good spirits. We laughed and joked about dancing in the streets when I return from Pucallpa. Ok for me it was not a joke but more like something for her to “hold onto” during the times of pain. Once before when she was in a really bad state we made the same promise and it did happen. She did get better….for a few weeks….and we did dance.

IMG_8017 (800x600)This night I witnessed something that words cannot express. The care and love of  2 women at her side. Tending to her. One was a life long friend that Flor told me she considered more like a sister than a friend. Flor’s eyes were lit up with deep love and affection for this woman. The kind you just have to experience to know its depth. A bond shared only between the two of them.

I hate to say it but I don’t even know this woman’s name.  And really are there names for angels in human form that help you, encourage you, love you, cry with you and walk alongside in the good and not so good times of life?

This woman rubbed Flor’s cold, bone thin and aching legs and feet with intensity as though she was pushing the pain right put of her body. It was as if this woman was on a mission to rid her of the poison that had overtaken her best friend. Flor would point to another part of her aching body and this woman was right there rubbing with strong, sun browned, wrinkled hands. Several times I caught this woman’s gaze. Her round precious, deeply wrinkled face spoke of sadness for her friend. No tears could I see in her eyes. Yet I know they were there.

A short while later the other woman helped Flor sit up and rubbed her head and back with alcohol. She combed and braided Flor’s  long, thin black and gray straight hair into a tightly woven braid. In that moment Flor looked both peaceful and beautiful. Short lived as the intense pain racked her tiny body and her muscles seized up and she shook uncontrollably. With tears filling her black, tired, sunken eyes,  she cried out over and over , “Oh Señor, God help me.” I did all I could to fight back my own tears.

It was a sad and yet precious time if that sounds right. One I wish I could have captured with film. Not in a sick way. It was just extremely selfless on the part of these 2 women. But not the appropriate time for pictures. Just not. And again I found myself looking in on a life event just as I had several weeks ago. Read about it … A Private Moment.

Life is one moment, and sometimes one private moment, strung together. Priceless.

Experiencing private moments within His Mighty Grip,




Handle with Care … Fragile


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The “tough” act is hard to maintain for long periods of time. Staying strong, unwavering, remaining unfeeling is difficult. We feel, we love, we hurt, we rebound. We are fragile. And no matter how tough we try to be, no matter the show we put on for the outside world, the “front,” we are still fragile and break – from time to time.

Sometimes its tough to crack through the “front, ” the shell, the walls. Other times its like sand that crumbles at the slightest touch, the smallest hurt, or the softest voice.

Every day it seems I find the “fragile” parts of life. Just how fragile we all are…..

Recently, a young woman, 26 years old, passed away after a church service in her home. A service that was held to pray for her recovery. Just 2 hours after the service she passed away. God had other plans.

My friend Maria, her son and daughter in law lost their baby before she was born. She was already 7 months  along and planning for a “normal” birth. God had other plans.

Esteban, one of the ¨young at heart¨ men at the food kitchen, passed away while I was gone for the holidays. I didn’t get to say goodbye.


All I had were the last hugs before I left and  his words echoing in my head, Hurry back. Hurry back. I didn’t hurry fast enough. God had other plans.

But I can see God  in every fragile moment. I see Him in the sad times holding, cradling His children, loving them. We doubt His presence and yet we shouldn’t. He is always there. His hand covering us.

Some moments are simply just more fragile than others in His Mighty Grip,





A private moment turned public


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What is it like to have a bus full of people watch you as you stop to kiss your little child, and give money to the woman with her? Is the woman his wife? Is he divorced and giving her money to support his daughter?

And for a moment I feel like I am not suppose to be watching. Well really I am not. Really it should be a private moment but when the whole bus stops for him to spend 2 minutes with these two people who in some manner or another are a part of his life it becomes public!

It touches me…the man hands the little girl a bag of tangerines. She smiles brightly. He bends down to kiss her forehead and giver her a hug. He counts out money for the woman and hands it to her. Not many words are said. None can be heard if they are spoken.

Once again, he bends to hand the little girl some candy, kisses her cheek this time and then kisses the woman’s cheek. He walks up the steps to the bus. We move forward and off we go.

It is a piece of their life that I watch. Someone else’s life. I want to capture the moment with a picture but that too seems even more intrusive. So instead I watch.

Drawn into the scene…there are many moments like this here that I see. Each one touches me. Each one leaves an impression. Moments shared in someone’s life.

Spending special moments within His Mighty Grip,





Ahhhhhh this town


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What do I feel about the town? As I headed to visit my sons this past holiday season for a few weeks I couldn’t help but feel as though I had left some best friends back in Llama. The people there are in my heart, deeply. They have accepted me as one of their own. They greet me on the street with a hearty “Buenos Dias” or “Hermana Stephanie,” “Gringa – con cariño (with affection”) or a child may just run up and hug me.

What’s not to love about that?IMG_5984 The streets are narrow, homes made of handmade and foot stomped adobe bricks. IMG_8822
The views and colors of the sunsets- vivid and striking. It’s a dot on the map. A small town of not much significance to the outside world.  But that’s not how I feel.

The mountains are carved out of sections of light and dark green, tan, brown and dark cafe. Colors that are intense and radiant.  White, silver and grey clouds roll slowly over the tops of the mountain peaks. It’s a landscape worth painting. It is a scene I cannot accurately describe. And that’s how I feel.

I couldn’t imagine being away from Llama for so long. But it was time needed to get out of the forest to see the trees. And that is exactly what happened.

IReturning just over a week ago I came back renewed, rested and filled up once again. Ready to work out this year from start to finish with wild abandon and intentionally for all the projects laid on my heart.  And that is how I feel!

My wish for each of you is that you find yourself in a place you don’t want to live without.

Finding myself in exactly that place in His Mighty Grip,