Programs We Love

Each project or program launched by this ministry is in response to an unmet need or an untapped ministry opportunity. Programs are chosen on the basis of their impact and closeness to Trinity’s Angels Ministry’s overall vision. The commitment is “to what should and could be” instead of accepting the reality of life as it exists.


Child Sponsorship

Children have a right to learn and to dream. To have bright futures and chances that they can grab hold of without limits no matter where they live.

To that end…We are continually looking for people to sponsor children on a continual basis. The monthly contribution is $35 and the commitment is for a minimum of one year.

They will be provided with clothing, school supplies, medical attention when needed, food and toys/games. Since the majority of the kids live on the Amazon and travel to the region is arduous, items will be delivered every other month.

As a sponsor, we will keep you updated with pictures of the children as well as notes and their drawings. It is one of the newer programs that began in October of 2015. Quickly it is becoming one of urgent need. Our goal is to “sponsor/adopt” at least 50 children this year.

Help us give a hand-up to many children who are living under the poverty level of US $2 per day. It’s really not a big commitment – $35 per month and you WILL be making a monumental difference in their lives, encouraging them and bringing hope and encouragement.


There is nothing remotely glamorous about sweating in the Amazon during the building of a local church! Yet the knowledge that lives will be changed through the construction  of these churches makes it all worthwhile.

IMG_4957A crew from a church in Pebas, Amazon along with several  church members at the local build sites work together to construct the church. Church builds engage the local community bringing evangelism at its basic level – an amazing chance to speak to people about God. The relationships and encouragement that everyone receives during this process is priceless.

This project also consists of Pastoral and Leader support. Many river pastors have little formal pastoral education and the lack of resources and materials for learning and preaching are extremely limited. There exists a desperate need to raise up and encourage churches to meet the spiritual needs of local people, to share God’s written word – The Bible – with the world.

Additionally, we have partnered with an association of Peruvian pastors dedicated to unite the churches of the Amazon and extend the reach of the church. The first “missionary” from this organization will be sent to San Isidro, a town on the river, with the focus on building a local church. The possibility exists that as these missionaries are sent to different areas, Trinity’s Angels will provide financing to build local churches and provide resources to assist in evangelism.

Comedor de Los Angeles – Angel Kitchen 

Located in Llama, an area of extreme poverty,  the Angel Kitchen is a program for seniors of this small town in the northern Sierra mountain who are 65 years of age and older. They currently receive 3 meals per week with plans to hopefully expand meal service.


Each meal consists of soup, main course, drink and desert or fruit in season. Begun October 3, 2013, this program will have served over 35,000 meals by the 3rd anniversary. Several people are anxiously awaiting their 65th birthday to be able to participate!

Human Trafficking

Today more people are trafficked into modern day slavery than ever before, both in forced labor and the sexual commerce trade.  And trafficking of minors is included in that statement. The sheer number of trafficked children and adolescents is on the rise and is predicted to grow rapidly. Perú is considered an origin, transition and destination country for human trafficking, meaning that minors are trafficked from points in Perú, through Perú and most end up in slavery staying within the borders of Perú.

Prevention and awareness is essential to combating this crime. Partnering with a Peruvian non-profit, Voces en el Silencio, we have made several recent investigative trips to trafficking points in Peru; Madre de Dios, Loreto and the Amazon regions to ascertain how Trinity’s Angels Ministries can assist rescued children.


Plans are underway to help fund a transitional house for trafficked minors in the sex trade industry and forced labor in conjunction with local government officials.

Additionally there is a home for rescued girls, Hogar Florecer in Mazuko, run by a Peruvian man who has been active fighting against trafficking for 19 years. We will assist Oscar’s continued efforts and  non-profit, ONG Huayrayo, contributing resources as a small part of this work in an effort to help heal and restore these girls emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This will not only be for themselves but also for re-introduction  back into their families and communities.

We understand this is  an “age old” problem, yet that is no excuse for not doing Something … Anything. If you are interested in helping in this new program please use the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page or Stephanie at

Kid’s Events

Half day programs geared to children are conducted monthly. The programs consist of songs, a biblical lesson, verse memorization, arts and crafts, games and a snack. It is a time of learning, laughter and fun.

The children are so excited to participate and learn. Often we see the adults participating and having what seems like more fun at times than the kids! Smiles all around.

During the month of December the ministry sponsors many “Chocolatadas.” It is a tradition to serve hot chocolate (even in the extreme heat of the Amazon) and panetone (a type of fruitcake). Something that is a highlight of the year and very much looked forward to as a part of the Christmas celebration.

Alas Sobre Las Aguas – Wings over the Water

Our newest project was born in the heart and soul of the ministry. Alas Sobre Las Aguas has been thought about, dreamt about and prayed over since June 2014. We wait on God’s timing and provision.

The vision is for a 3-story medium sized river launch/boat to be able to visit villages and towns that the larger river launches cannot access. Food, medical supplies, water filters, evangelical programs, construction materials will be able to be transported where needed.

This program has the potential to also provide transportation for church groups desiring to evangelize along the river in different communities. Onboard small conferences can be accommodated and sermons can be preached from the deck of the boat.

The initialization of Alas Sobre Las Aguas is going to make a huge impact in this region. The opportunities to connect with those that live on the Amazon are endless. That is an exciting thing!

Agua Viva 

Access to clean water especially along the Amazon River is extremely limited. The river is the commnity’s source for drinking water, washing dishes and clothes, bathing and other “needs” you can imagine. Garbage from launches that carry people up and down the river is thrown overboard and the Amazon is used as a huge garbage dump. To say it is polluted is a huge understatement.

Sawyer PointOne water filters are distributed to purify water via a water filter in between 2 large plastic buckets. Unsanitary water is poured into the upper bucket and is filtered into the lower one. Over 98% of the contaminants are removed from the water and it is suitable for drinking. Fresh water – sustains life.

Pan de Vida – Bread of Life

The majority of the people the ministry serves live in extreme poverty. Daily existence is the main focus for many parents, finding a way to provide shelter, food, clothes and medical care for their children is overwhelming.

We pray for  opportunities to do something to alleviate the stress if even only for a short time. Doing something. We are determined to make a difference, leaving people “better” than when we met them, each and every time.

Food is distributed to local communities considered to be in extreme poverty. The program is administered to the outlying areas near Llama in the Sierras, in the Amazon and outlying pueblos near Húanuco. This targets the entire family and provides basic food resources for a week.


The passion of one man, Robert – interestingly enough a former drug trafficker – to help men recover from drug addictions led to the development of the “Safe-House” in Iquitos. A house of rehabilitation. Since 2000, 100’s of men have been helped and led to Christ. Trinity’s Angels is proud to be a contributor to this project.

Weekly, many of the men go on the street to evangelize and give their testimony. It is a powerful time and the need is great. Their stories capture and break your heart and yet they press on despite the many obstacles they face.

The Safe-House is available only to men. A huge need does exist for a safe-house for women with similar problems. It is our prayer to be involved in some way with the opening of a program for these women in need in the near future.