What your DOLLAR buys

How your contribution dollars help…

Amount  Description

$5 — Albendozole pills – preventative treatment of parasites. (4 pills / year / person)
$5  Spanish bible.
$5  Fruit tree or vegetable plants to grow as an ongoing part of Pan de Vida program.
$5 — Kids and adult evangelism movies.
$5  Mosquito net – used for prevention of malaria and dengue fever.

$10  Medicine/medical assistance, as needed – mainly in remote areas
$10  Basic school supply kit for one child.
$10  Pair of children’s shoes for Pasos de Fe program.
$10  Bag of cement used for church buildings. 

$15  Sponsor a child to a youth camp for one week.
$15  Personal hygiene kit, soap, toothbrush/paste, shampoo, etc, for people, as needed.
$15  Soccer or volley balls used in recreation programs for children.

$25  Arts and crafts supplies for kids programs.
$25  Basket of basic food staples to feed a family for a week.
$25  Sunday school resources for teachers at various churches (monthly – per church).
$25  Basic first aid kit for villages far from medical centers and doctors.
$25  Gasoline for church boat used for evangelical river trips to villages. 

$35  Monthly pastoral support.
$35  Meal for 75 – 100 kids after Sunday school, various churches.
$35  Monthly sponsorship amount for a child (minimum requirement = 1 year)

$50  Full meal including soup, main course, fruit and juice for 75 seniors.
$50  Fee for monthly radio broadcasting time – radio program in Húanuco.
$50  Spanish Christian coloring books and crayons for 50 children. 

$75  Community feed – Pan de Vida program. Providing basics for 12 – 15 families (rice, sugar, oil, beans, semolina, oatmeal, pasta, yucca, potatoes, etc.)

$100  Water filtration system (portable) for communities in the Amazon. Good for more than 100,000 gallons of clean water!
$100  Cost of 3 day evangelical trip on the Amazon to visit, encourage local churches, pastors, leaders and members.

$200  Guitar and other instruments used for praise and worship music – various churches.
$200 — Monthly orphanage support, for various orphanages the ministry supports.

$500 — Cost for a one-day medical mission event, providing basic check-ups.

$1250 — Cost for a one day women’s conference. 

$3500 — Materials to build a Church in an Amazon village.
$3500 — Materials to build cabins for youth camp and church retreats…need 10.

Everything helps! Much love from all of us in Peru!